And we’re back.

Back at work. Sunday’s minor meltdown made me feel hazy for the day, but I hit the ground with basic running happening.  Had one huge ability to sigh with relief when folks liked the website I’d spent many many hours finally getting just the way I wanted it over the break.  That was one source of the anxiety, fearing that the ol’ imposter syndrome would prove right and I’d get, “how can you call yourself a web person, this looks terrible.”

So, yay, that site is nearing launch with happy people who will maintain it without needing me to fiddle with everything to make it work.

As for the Animal Time theory on that, I realize that I spend a big part of my work life trying to establish or maintain my own usefulness (squirrel time concepts of keeping my future secure), and sometimes that means I create things that only I can maintain or manage.  After 18 years at this gig, that means I have a boatload of things I have to keep managing while always starting up new things.

Cat Brain is laughing.

Featured image: coming home from the last time I left town via plane.