Can’t choose, can’t progress

I’m constantly struggling to find songs I want to sing for the voice class I take.  The class is for musical theatre majors, and I truly love that I’m allowed to sit in as a means of taking voice lessons in a group setting.  The other students are always inspiring, and it’s fun to get to throw in my music theory knowledge when I get the chance.

But I am of an age – and vocal range – that means finding appropriate musical theatre tunes relegates me to lamenting matriarchs and long-suffering matrons.  There are two I consider my signatures, and they’re definitely my favorites to sing, though they are basically the same song in a lot of ways (“When You’re Good To Mama” and “Poor Unfortunate Souls”).  I like the sassy, brassy, buzz off because I’m singing over here ladies (Miss Hannigan runs a kind of distant third).

And torch songs.  “Black Coffee” is another favorite.  But I need new tunes, and I just have the hardest time finding them.  I end up trying weird things (Tom Waits, Gonzo’s tune from The Muppet Movie) or just breaking type and feeling weird about singing an ingenue tune I have no business trying.

But I’m still having fun, and that’s the important part.  The struggle is in getting caught in that past, Cat Brain, moment of my first real breakthrough of finding my actual comfortable singing voice, which was belting out Mama Morton’s song to genuine applause from the class.  I want that again, but I have to find something else to sing to get it.

Featured image: Wiki, all curled up and being the quintessential cat.