Cats holding grudges

Zi simply couldn’t be less impressed that there’s a puppy in the house. Bean, while not exaclty okay with it, has figured out how to maintain his claim on his various domains (like the bed). Zi has basically been hiding out in the catio, other than her Rats of NIHM sneaks across to the dining room to eat. I’ve taken to putting water out in the catio just to be safe that way.  R’s been giving her attention outside, as well. She’s doing a great job of proving my silly Cat Brain theory that the past holds grudges on you. It’s not quick to forgive, and it’s really disappointed in your choices.

I do feel guilty for disturbing Zi’s utopia so completely. I hope she’ll find a way to get over it. Not sure I can guarantee the puppy (or Lyra) will outgrow the love of chasing things that run away.

Featured image: Zi, seething in the catio.