Defying her diagnosis

This is Hermione. We may or may not have stolen her. She was a stray, as far as we were able to determine, who wandered into our backyard two houses ago and has hung around ever since. She developed diabetes by eating like every meal might be her last, and now her kidneys have given up.

The vet gave her a few months several months ago, but she’s always been stubborn. She’s been known to be sweet, occasionally playful, often ornery, but she’s always been happy enough to live with us, even if she’d rather there weren’t other cats … and especially not a dog … living here, too.

I have gone through various versions of saying goodbye and grieving the fact that she won’t be with us much longer. But she doesn’t appear to intend to give up in any way or any time soon. Godspeed, Miney-Mo. Whenever.