Dog a day pics

I decided when Kuiper arrived that I had finally come up with a compelling reason to use the Instagram account I set up just so I could try Hyperlapse when that first came along.  I’m going to try posting at least one picture of at least one of our animals every day.  Seems a cliché use of Instagram, but I wasn’t doing anything else with the account.

That’s a second “once a day” promise I’ve made to myself, and even though I’ve cheated here a non-zero number of times to keep a post per day consistent (I’ve forgiven myself by letting it be called “a post for each day” in my head rather than “a post on each day”), Squirrel Brain is really looking forward to the idea that if I keep up with the photos, I can watch Kuiper grow up entirely in pictures, while having the bonus of a whole lot more photos of the other beasties, as well.

Also makes it easier to keep his breeder family updated on his growth and happiness, which I believe they’ll appreciate as well.

Featured image: Lyra wanted to nap.  Kuiper wanted to smell her face.  As seen on Instagram.