Dog not make good chair

I chair a relatively prominent council at work, mostly by “not it” default during a time when our previous leadership encountered a sudden involuntary shift in employment status. I have moments of being okay at it, but in truth, I feel like I really should be finding ways to be more proactive about really leading the group.  Problem is, the actual job stuff tends to consume my ability to plan ahead and leaves me slapping my forehead on the days the council meets, when I realize I’ve completely failed (again) to thoughtfully plan a proper agenda and invite any particular visitors who might address that agenda.

Dog Brain is terrible as a strategic leader.  Dog Brain doesn’t plan.

Featured image: Amethyst reversed Star Trek insignia I can’t afford but would totally buy if I could. Relates to today’s post because… uh, pretty?  Nah, Star Trek (particularly Next Generation, which is my Trek of choice) is full of thoughtful leaders.  Yeah, let’s go with that.