Dogs hate money

Another day much like the previous, re: work and work when I got home, but new year starts the brain thinking about things like impending tax season. Money is a good way of explaining of the Animal Time theory.

Dog Brain doesn’t really like money.  Doesn’t really think about it at all.  When in Dog Brain mode and you have some money and want something, you get the something.  The want and get are the point, not the money.  Money means what I want when I want it.

Cat Brain thinks about money in terms of the worth of what’s around.  I paid this for that, those used to cost less, this thing here used to be the most valuable thing I owned.  Money is a measure of success.

Squirrel Brain is a saver.  The great unknown costs money, and you’d better be prepared for what might, may, possibly, perhaps happen someday in the future.  Money is precious security for the future.

With money, I am all Dog.  I can’t save because I prefer the satisfaction of having (or eating or seeing or experiencing) what I want when I want, if I have the means.  I’m fortunate for having married a money Squirrel.  We’re good balance, even if it frustrates him when I buy somewhat impulsively or frustrates me when he won’t.