Enter the flannel

We had the most fun at dinner tonight.  There was good conversation all around (always nice when you never seem to lack for the ability to have and continue to have new conversations with friends), and then there was comedy and a game.

The game was an epic peek-a-boo tournament I played with a little girl at a nearby table. (I get my love of flirting with children from my father, I believe.  I just can’t resist it.)  I spent our entire meal ducking behind K and covering my eyes whenever the little girl looked my way, even if I was in the middle of a story with the gang at the table.  There’s no denying the little girl won.  She used napkin.  It was super effective.

And then there was the guy on the other side of the restaurant wearing the same  flannel shirt as T.  As he and his date left, we lamented the lack of opportunity to snap a discreet picture with both shirts in the shot.  Not 10 minutes later, another couple came in, and that guy was wearing the same flannel yet again.  Unfettered laughter abounded.

That kind of love of the moment, particularly the kinds of moment that can’t ever possibly happen again like they just did, just made Dog Brain as happy as it could be.

Featured image: not T’s flannel.  Also, it’s black and blue, and don’t even try to claim otherwise.