Enter the puppy

Kuiper joined our family today. He flew in from Oklahoma, and he’s taking over, as one would expect from a puppy. Adorable doesn’t begin to cover it, and Lyra is handling her jealous big sister thing reasonably well.  She’ll get the hang of it eventually, I think.

Watching them, however, I see so much of me and my oldest nephew when we were kids.  Being only a couple years apart made us more like siblings, and I played the precocious (read: obnoxious) big sister to the hilt.  The dogs are playing the caricature version of it (though it didn’t need much exaggeration) like champs.

  1. Dog1: I want the thing you have.
  2. Dog2: But it’s my thing.
  3. Dog1: I want it.
  4. Dog2: Fine, I wanted this other thing anyway. (picks up other thing)
  5. Return to step 1 and repeat until Dog1 becomes Dog2 because of someone’s momentary distraction and the cycle starts over.

It’s a Dog Brain day, start to finish. With a sneaky Squirrel Brain fret in my head hoping I manage the rest of Kuiper’s potty training successfully… and quickly.

Featured image: Kuiper in his first venture to the backyard.