Fans and family

Watched the UA basketball game today, again – on purpose and in the absence of my friends who take it far more seriously than I.  We watched as a family, in fact, with the parents.  It was peppered with wiggling puppies and such, but it reminded me of the handful of memories I have of watching Nebraska football with Dad over the years.

After the game, we enjoyed dinner with the gang, and while K wasn’t feeling terribly well, it was truly nice to have the chance for them all to spend time with the folks.  As I explained to T, once they’ve met you, you’re family, and when family’s in town, you’re getting dinner at least once.

Those kinds of social moments – enjoying a game, having dinner – tickle all three Animal Brains.  Cat Brain gets to bask in some nostalgia, Dog Brain gets the happy of now, and Squirrel Brain gets to feel the anticipation of future happy moments.