Feline maintenance

Finished the biggest part of the Big Project.  Looking back (hi, Cat Brain!), I miss, in some ways, the way I created a self-contained thing the first time we did The Planets.  Director was a good tool for that, and it meant that I didn’t have to worry quite as much as I do this time about re-factoring the project to allow for stretches in timing that may occur during the performance.  I believe I have built in the right places for that, but the reality it, it sure would be nice to have the confidence I did the first time – my cues are ready to go and I didn’t have to build as many artificial stretch points as I will this time around.

I find myself too easily paralyzed by the past that way.  I can’t do this the way I used to, so I can’t do this.  Cat Brain hangs onto the old, and that can end up stifling the now and the future.  It can also mean you learn from the past, of course, and I wouldn’t feel as good about what I’ve done with the Planets this time around if I hadn’t done the first time fifteen years ago.  So there’s that, which is definitely a good thing.

The trick to Cat Time is to make sure that you’re not letting the past drive the present.  Influence, inform, and enrich, sure.  But drive?  Dangerous.

Featured image: Zi helps with R’s rocket display.