Filling time with work

I’m not terribly burdened with an abundance of free time.  This is my own doing.  When I’m at home, I’m frequently working on things for my job.  Sometimes (make that often), I’m getting more done at home than I’m able to in the office.

Three-day weekends usually mean I can steal one of the days off for myself while spending the extra day doing what I’d be doing if we actually went to work, just without the alarm clock and drive into campus.

I’m not entirely sure which mode of Animal Time that is.  I can’t imagine that Dog Brain is a workaholic type.  It’s got to be more grounded in Cat or Squirrel Brain… burden of past unfinished projects (Cat) or the weight of looming deadlines (Squirrel).  Yeah, it’s situational.

Featured image: tree outside of work, so that I remember what it looks like while sitting comfortably in my own home.