Finding the blue sky

Tough day.  I was part of delivering unpleasant news, about which I had no real power but for which I now have to take up the responsibility, and hurting someone is never fun. Then I was part of a meeting where I was just rubbed the wrong way too many times, and my cornered-badger side took over.  Dog Brain was in attack mode and just wasn’t willing to take being treated antagonistically.  The irony of reacting antagonistically to being treated so was not lost on me and infected the rest of my day.

I was short with R when he got home from the mountain, taking it out on him not just because I had a crap day but because of that stupid Cat Brain part of me that envies him finding his dream job.  Every day is heavenly for him, learning new things and working on the science where his passion lives, and I couldn’t be more excited for him.  When I have a day like today, though, the contrast between loving every minute of your job and hating an entire day because of two utterly horrid hours turns me into the proverbial shrew.

I definitely needed a little more Squirrel Brain in my day.  Look to the blue sky and see that winter’s not here yet.  Think about the joys to come rather than the pain right now.  Know that it’ll pass and that the sky will lighten.  Not my best day.