Gloomy with a side of relief

Grey and gloomy day, a little rain, a lot of wind, and then a nice phone call from the mechanic that Bill’s check engine light appears to have been a problem with the light, not the car.  So to speak.  Hoping that really is just a dodged bullet and not the car being a master troll.

I also started a wish list for the use of the tax refund, mostly home improvement tech of various sorts. I spend a lot of time wanting new toys, researching and changing my mind on which ones dozens of times, then ultimately, it still ends up feeling like every actual purchase was a total spur of the moment Dog Brain choice. They always have some semblance of carefully considered Squirrel Brain thoughts of their future utility behind them, but Dog ends up taking over more often than not, leading to the occasional buyer’s remorse.  If only I’d looked a little harder for the right doodad instead of the first shiny doodad I saw, if only I’d waited for the DooDad Mark II, which came out like a week later, dammit.

This year’s crop of new doodads should be fun.  I just hope I remember to keep enough money to build backs for the sofa I built last year.