Grind shift, grind halt

I’ve been having to take off in the middle of the day from work to run home and give Kuiper some relief while he’s still working on the potty training. It ends up carving a huge hole in the middle of my days, but it hasn’t really caused too much disruption thus far.  He’s gotten better at being in the house without humans, as far as I can tell, so I’m hoping I manage the holy grail of a Dalmatian without separation anxiety when all is said and done.

Making time to come home mid-day to let him out is a Squirrel Brain pursuit, letting him grow into the well-disciplined dog he has the potential to be without causing him undue stress in the meantime.  But of course, he’s that rarified version of Dog Brain that’s all Puppy… retention is still kind of a challenge.  And his bladder just isn’t really ready for a day at home without an outside break, poor thing.  If I could figure out a cat-safe way for the dogs to let themselves in and out, this would be less of a thing.  Perhaps I’ll figure out some sort of over-engineered technology-enhanced way to pull it off.  That’d certainly be my thing.

Featured image: Kuiper looking majestic.