Happy New Start 2015

New digs. Dig it. Trying something new for myself: actual blogging.  Getting here included the following Animal Brain conflicts:

Cat Brain: Not really much point, is there?  It’s not like you keep up with stuff anyway, and no one is actually looking.  One whole person mentioned the months-long maintenance mode.  One.

Dog Brain: Just go live.  Now’s the right time.  Doesn’t matter if it’s complete, you can always continue tweaking after it’s up.  Do it, already!

Squirrel Brain: It’s not ready.  You know you’re looking for a theme that doesn’t exist.  You’re just going to have to build it for yourself, and you don’t have time for that now.  Just wait.

There’s my Animal Time theory in a nutshell.  My perception of a thing through the lens of the past (Cat Time), through the lens of the now (Dog Time), and through the lens of the future (Squirrel Time).  More on that to come, but that’s my own internal conflict.  I’m going with the dog.

Featured image: Lyra in repose.