It’s planets all the way down.

I’ve been working on a new version of an old project for a show at the end of January.  I barely had a grasp of the tools I was using the first time I created it, and those tools are long dead (long live Director).  Coming up with a new platform for this time around has just made me painfully aware of the things I don’t know about the new tools.  Cat Brain lives in the past.  Cat Brain remembers how much I struggled to get this right the first time (and that I never really felt like I got it truly right).  Makes it hard to feel motivated to try anew and get a fresh go at the whole thing.

Where Cat Brain is really not helpful is remembering that my gut may take the long way to get the right thing done, but it’s better than hunting for a fancy fast way that isn’t quite right but if I juuuuust keep working at it for, oh, maybe another three or four hours, maybe it’ll be the fast way to …. too late.  Fast left the building when you gave up on your first instinct.  Oops.

But it’s getting closer to done (later than I’d like, but with the quality I’m okay with).  Whew.

Featured image: lunar eclipse from December 20, 2010 (shot with my camera through R’s telescope).