Last day packless

Most of today’s pursuits were based on prepping for the new family member arriving tomorrow.  There’s plenty of minor worry over him fitting in with the existing rhythm and vibe in the house, but mostly, there’s just barely contained giddiness at finally getting an actual puppy. Lyra’s the best dog there is, and I can’t wait for her to get a pack mate to play with so she doesn’t have to settle for being bored when she’s either without humans in the house or when her humans are otherwise occupied and can’t pay all the attention.

Squirrel Brain kept Mom and I focused on prepping the kitchen to be puppy-friendly so he has a safe place to stay isolated when there aren’t humans around.  This also resulted in plans for some kitchen organization we’ve always wanted to tackle but haven’t gotten around to.  Rather milder excitement when compared to a puppy, but exciting.

Featured picture: Lyra in one of her last days as the only dog.