Long goodbyes

I don’t expect Hermione to make it through the night.  I didn’t actually expect her to make it through the day.  I have spent the day alternating between being strong, having known this would happen (and expecting it rather sooner), and breaking down completely in fear and guilt that she might be in pain.  It seems clear to R and I that Hermione isn’t there anymore.  She left some time this morning, after she got a loving brushing from him, as is their habit, and a few precious moments in the sun.

Her body started giving up soon after.  It’s been a long time coming, so there’s no shock to recover from, but that doesn’t make shaking the crappy feeling of losing a pet any easier.

Grief takes all three Animal Brains, as it’s the tumultuous combination of history (Cat Brain), immediate pain (Dog Brain), and anger/fear/sadness at being robbed of any future time (Squirrel Brain).  I’m sure I could be more profound and map the animals to some elements of the lauded 5 Stages, but screw that, I’m just busy being sad to lose a feline friend.

Featured image: my all-time favorite photo of Hermione’s beautiful face.