Meeting the doctor

I took Kuiper to the vet today to get him acquainted with the office and make sure he’s as fit as he seems after his plane flights last week.  He did great, and we followed up with a visit to work so the office crew could meet him.  Naturally, he piddled on the floor of the Music Building, and I’d completely forgotten to bring in the stash of puppy pads and such I’d brought to clean up in just such a contingency.  Oops.

He’s a big hit wherever he goes, thus far, as one has to expect from a Dalmatian puppy.  They’re just the cutest things ever, really.

Cat Brain can’t let go of the fact that I’d planned for the possible accident in the building but failed to bring the things that would have solved it.  I try to believe I don’t embarrass easily, but the fact that this is stuck in my head is proving me wrong.  I may also simply be fearing trouble catching up with me because I wasn’t really supposed to bring him inside in the first place.

Featured image: Kuiper looking adorable at the vet.