More Caribbean thoughts

HeartFalafelPanorama Large Band Finals. Caught a little online after a fun evening of dinner and two shows with T. The first show was hard to catch, as it involved a belligerent restaurant patron and an impressively calm and collected waiter trying to accomplish the seemingly simple task of getting the guy to leave quietly.  Those of us not involved in the situation worked to make sure we didn’t turn it into an actual spectacle while surreptitiously trying to watch it unfold.  Choosing to go out to dinner on Feb 14 was our own folly, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t get heart-shaped falafel, and how cute is that??

After dinner and Unscrewed Theater’s uncensored show, I had time for the last 4 bands for Panorama finals. I’m bummed I didn’t get to catch my favorite bands, as they’d played much earlier, but it’s always fun to get a tiny bit of that night, even if I’m watching through a minimally passable web stream and haven’t even listened to any of the songs the arrangements came from.

Panorama holds a place for me kind of like DCI finals used to in college.  They’re something I’d love to participate in, but I’m also not built for that kind of thing.  The singular task over an extended period of time just doesn’t suit Dog Brain well, I guess.  Rosie O’Donnell made a joke once about discovering something when playing Rizzo on Broadway:  you do the same thing every single night for a year, the same thing every single night for a night, the same thing every single night for a year. I’m not good with that level of pattern.  I need the freedom to get distracted by my own changing passions.  Jack of all trades and all that.