New guy

K had her baby tonight.  He’s precious, and everyone’s doing well.  While I don’t think that event was the instigating factor, I got behind in writing here at the same time.  I’m catching up, keeping to my post for every day until I can get back into a post on every day.

New baby is all about Squirrel Brain, at least when he’s not mine… I don’t have the daily life with him, so I have the luxury of just seeing him as all potential, future life. He does represent a bit of a Cat Brain shift in my own life, of course, as my friends now have something in their life that will forever change their relationships with everyone else. There’s tons of things that it means to me, but none of them are relevant to anyone but me, so they don’t need to be shared.  That kind of internal truth you can’t (or just don’t) share is more Cat Brain, holding onto things when that’s the only real choice you have.