No roaming for me

No time to tool around today hunting Indian street food (no idea why that’s my favorite thing to do when traveling, but it seems to have become such), as more edits were needed, but tonight was the first show (of a mere two).

I think it went well.  As always, I’ve got a bit of a house of cards with this setup, and I’m usually my own worst enemy at miscuing or jumping the gun.  But the audience was mostly on their feet at the end – and not just to make for the door as fast as possible.  I think that’s a good sign that I did my part reasonably well.


Also, turns out they have a swanky dressing room for me.  My name’s on the door and everything. Mid-century modern never made me feel so special.

Cat Brain has the catalog of what I need to watch out for tomorrow.  Squirrel Brain is afraid the tweaks I’ll do before tomorrow’s show will make the goofs worse.  Dog Brain is hungry because I didn’t eat much today.  Yep.  That’s about right.

Featured image: the view out of my hotel window.