Stage charge

Had my Level 2 improv showcase tonight, and I felt like it went really well.  The charge I get on that kind of stage is unlike the music charge but is equally intoxicating.  It’s kind of weird how utterly nerve-wracked and in my own head I get when I sing solo, but making with the […]

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Tiny catch up steps

I’m getting sort of caught up on some things at work, which is always a nice feeling. Cat Brain’s feeling pretty good about finding things on the list to cross off.  At the very least, Cat Brain grudgingly accepts that perhaps I’m not entirely the bum it’s assuming my lack of list-completion has led it […]

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Started Level 3 today, though our Level 2 Showcase isn’t until Friday. A group from the previous round of classes is joining us for their second go at Level 3, so now it’s a much larger group.  I’m excited for the chance to work with new people, and the first night was a complete blast. […]

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Planes, trains, and automobiles

So there was the crazy speculation from yesterday that turned into more rational possibilities, though still with pins and needles waiting.  Planes.  Also, Squirrel Brain just spinning out trying to imagine every possible future and make the one it wants most happen. Then my parents got to town for a visit. The timing’s a teeny […]

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Power of choices

So there were several things that had to be decided, considered, pondered today. There were a couple of easy decisions, but then there was the battle between a crazy notion and waiting. I don’t wait well (hello, Dog Brain). I gave the various versions of the crazy notion plenty of opportunity to present themselves as rational, logical choices, […]

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Productive but distracted

The decision thing still dominated the day.  More information came along, and many back-and-forths occurred, both in my head and with R. In the midst of all that, I still managed to accomplish something pretty slick that I’d been kind of stuck on for some time. And then came the most glorious distraction of live stand-up.  Kyle […]

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Sooner than I thought

Spent an inordinate amount of the day in speculation and consideration mode. There came a sudden opportunity, and it required questions and conversations and thoughts and stuff.  And then a bunch of writing and waiting. It’s all vague for the moment because it’s not really real yet, but it may soon be. Squirrel Brain is quivering. […]

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