Oxygen therapy

R and I spent the evening laughing.  We went to see a Level 3 class showcase at Unscrewed Theater and stayed for the regular Friday night show.  Much laughter and fun. It was a relatively productive, if long, day at work, so the abundant oxygen intake from all the laughing was highly welcome. Dog Brain […]

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Taking more on

I love starting new projects.  Even if I do it when I have too many unfinished ones just sitting there staring at me. Sometimes starting a new thing ends up being the motivation to finish off the old things. Dog Brain doesn’t really register the fact that those other things aren’t done because it has moved on […]

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Battling the grumps

There’s a reason I use cats as the avatar for the mode of living through the lens of the past.  Cats have become an understandable face for grumpy (not just that cat, but cats in general) because they have that mercurial attitude of acting very quickly and definitively at the onset of sudden negative feelings.  They don’t […]

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Canine anxiety

I took Lyra to the vet today for her annual shots. I haven’t seen her that nervous in a very long time, and I’ve never seen her shake the way she did, poor thing.  I can’t know what was going through her head, but even last year’s trips to the vet weren’t this stress-inducing for her. […]

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Gloomy with a side of relief

Grey and gloomy day, a little rain, a lot of wind, and then a nice phone call from the mechanic that Bill’s check engine light appears to have been a problem with the light, not the car.  So to speak.  Hoping that really is just a dodged bullet and not the car being a master troll. […]

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Unplanned recharge

I had plenty of things I intended to accomplish today.  The weekends R is on the mountain should be the times I can let myself get super focused on things without worrying about messing up other plans, but today ended up so much more about … just not doing anything.  I just couldn’t get myself going.  I’m […]

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That needs work

Spent time today trying something (vocally) I have been wanting to do for a while, but every prior attempt has left me feeling meh about it. I’m getting closer to what I want it to be and – more importantly – to feeling like I might just be able to pull it off. That’s probably due in part […]

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