Planes, trains, and automobiles

So there was the crazy speculation from yesterday that turned into more rational possibilities, though still with pins and needles waiting.  Planes.  Also, Squirrel Brain just spinning out trying to imagine every possible future and make the one it wants most happen.

Then my parents got to town for a visit. The timing’s a teeny bit awkward because we arranged the trip before R’s schedule became what it is, so they don’t get as much time with him as we’d all like, but they made it safe and sound.  Any chance for visit is a good one.  Trains.  The visit satisfies Cat Brain’s need to square myself with my past, my history.

The final third is just the mundane part.  Nice that we have a car we can provide my parents while they’re here, so they aren’t stuck with my schedule (see above re: awkward timing… I’m still working for a few days while they’re here, and R’s got to head up the mountain).  Automobiles.  They have the power of now while they’re here.  A room of their own, and the means to do as they please.

My parents can actually just come here and have a vacation.  It’s like having a guest room that really is a guest room – and that occasionally actually hosts guests – means I’m a real, live grown-up or something.