Planets Tech

The day was all about teching The Planets, then rehearsing it. So in awe of the general coolness of Bing Concert Hall at Stanford.  Gorgeous and sounds amazing, plus a really top-notch crew of cool people.  Prepping a technically complex thinglike this triggers all the animal brains in weird ways.

Cat Brain loves to tell you what went wrong the last time you did this thing or that thing. It also is pretty good at reminding you of what went well, of course.  Dog Brain is just excited at the doing and experiencing.  Squirrel Brain tortures with the twin daggers of fearing what might go wrong and eagerly anticipating what might go right.

Today I was mostly struggling with Cat Brain being frustrated at the lack of time to work with the conductor on much of this until this point and Squirrel Brain being scared to death of the maybes.

But mostly went well. Plus a late night of tweaking the pieces that didn’t.

Featured image: Bing, from the vantage point of my perch for the concert.