Power of choices

So there were several things that had to be decided, considered, pondered today. There were a couple of easy decisions, but then there was the battle between a crazy notion and waiting. I don’t wait well (hello, Dog Brain).

I gave the various versions of the crazy notion plenty of opportunity to present themselves as rational, logical choices, desperate to avoid the waiting part. None of them made sense.  Even the ones that almost made sense really didn’t make any sense at all.

Squirrel Brain kicks in when you are stuck with a choice that isn’t really your favorite.  You start to find the rational things that let you accept the choice, even to the point where you start to believe it was your choice all along.  “The waiting one is cheaper. It means not disrupting my parents’ visit.” And so on.  Squirrel Brain is good at that kind of rationalization.  It provides you a picture of an acceptable future and lets you own it on your own terms.

And then an e-mail came in that created a possible version of the crazy option that wasn’t actually crazy.  Dog Brain is running around in circles in my head, now, hoping that crazy isn’t crazy after all.  Crazy.