Productive but distracted

The decision thing still dominated the day.  More information came along, and many back-and-forths occurred, both in my head and with R.

In the midst of all that, I still managed to accomplish something pretty slick that I’d been kind of stuck on for some time.

And then came the most glorious distraction of live stand-up.  Kyle Kinane was in town, and while the location left a lot to be desired (the “stand-up” part of the phrase usually doesn’t describe the audience, but I’m not 23, so I’m not Club Congress’ demographic by a generation; I had a place to sit, but it was at the cost of seeing the stage well because most everyone between me and the stage was standing), he was a complete joy.  His style makes us both laugh in the best kinds of ways, and getting the chance to see it live was rather awesome.

Coming to conclusions on big decisions end up giving Dog Brain a reason to shout, “I KNOW THE ANSWER NOW!” while Squirrel Brain watches, thinking, “Of course you know the answer, Dog, I’ve been weighing all the options for days and told you which answer to pick, like, seventeen times, geez.” It’s like a family road trip in my head.