Rabbit holes

Got caught up in a relatively common pursuit today: the rabbit hole of trying to solve a relatively innocuous problem in WordPress.  I know enough to be dangerous, and I know there should be easy ways to accomplish what I need.  There are plugins that get close, but lack one tiny thing.  I know the method by which I should be able to accomplish the missing piece, but it’s just beyond my reach to solve quickly.  So I spend the day trying and testing things, then abandoning them and trying and testing new things, then trying to go back to the first thing, then a third thing, back to the second thing, and so on.  Tangles of tries and tests and fails and abandons.

In the most base sense, that’s all Dog Brain.  More like a puppy with a sock.  I will tug and chew and shake this thing until I get it right, dammit.  Don’t care if I shouldn’t have spent all day trying, I’m going to see this through … and suddenly it’s well past bedtime, and I’ve gotten nothing demonstrably done.

Oh well.

Featured image: close up of our dead eucalyptus, against which it felt I was banging my head all day.