Sleepy or just sleepy?

I used both getting sick and traveling as a means of trying to drink more water and less diet soda. Not sure I’ll make it to none, but so far, I’m cruising along with somewhere between “less” and “half” of what I drank before.

No idea if that’s why I seem to be sleepy in the mornings lately, or if I’m just genuinely exhausted in general.  Really, it had to have taken truly Herculean effort to make it all the way through the meeting I had this morning without subconsciously reaching for a pillow.  But my eyes really wanted to be and stay shut.  Not really a room where a quick cat nap was a good idea.

Breaking a decades-long habit, even gradually, is a recipe for railing against the most tenacious of Cat Brain motivations.  This is how it always has been, this is how it must ever be.  Ever, do you hear me?  I hear you, Cat Brain.  I just want to drink less of that other stuff, that’s all.