Stage charge

Had my Level 2 improv showcase tonight, and I felt like it went really well.  The charge I get on that kind of stage is unlike the music charge but is equally intoxicating.  It’s kind of weird how utterly nerve-wracked and in my own head I get when I sing solo, but making with the instant funny just makes me want to make more.  I suspect that even if I sang as part of improv (something I hope to find myself able to do at some point), I’d be cool as a cucumber.  So strange where the brain draws the line between “I’ve got this” and “I think my heart just gave up on me.”

I have to wonder if I’m taking to improv so thoroughly because it’s kind of an ultimate Dog Brain pursuit.  You spend time learning principles and concepts, practicing them with a team, but once you’re in it, you have to live so fully in Now to do it well that I’m just completely at home.