Spent the day stretching myself – not quite done being sick but need to be doing something other than lying about, stretching The Planets – have to add room for tempos to go differently than I’m expecting, and stretching tech – need to pretend an 11″ Air is up to the task of running Final Cut Pro for any on-site edits I need to make at Stanford.

And there was the obligatory stretching Lyra – every Saturday and Sunday means dog park in the morning so she can get her wrassle and chase on with her buds.  And for the cats, stretching is just a given.  Nothing weird there.

Have to spend another day at home from work, lest I infect others with this stupid cold.  Could have been much worse, and should be plenty cleared up before I travel, I hope.  Last thing I want is a chesty cough during Neptune or Venus.  Eek.

Squirrel Brain got some satisfaction of healthy productivity today, so that’s a good thing.  Have to keep it up tomorrow despite not going to work.  Home stretch on The Big Project.