Back in the swing

We dropped my parents off (and waited for their very late train with them) this morning, and they rolled out of town, concluding a lovely couple of weeks of visit. Mom and I worked on her Pocket Grandmother project, and I wanted to get much more done on it than I did while she was […]

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Laugh until it hurts

A bunch of us went to see Alton Brown at Centennial Hall.  I haven’t laughed like that in a while… since Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood were in town, perhaps.  Live funny, so fun.  Alton was utterly delightful, and I just kept wanting him to do a show with Adam and Jamie, combining their Behind […]

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Fans and family

Watched the UA basketball game today, again – on purpose and in the absence of my friends who take it far more seriously than I.  We watched as a family, in fact, with the parents.  It was peppered with wiggling puppies and such, but it reminded me of the handful of memories I have of watching Nebraska […]

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There and back again. Again.

Dad and I made a run for puppy supplies and other things this morning.  The first thing I did on entering the pet supply store was ask about something that happens to be locked in one of those manager lockup doodads, which meant they had to keep it at the counter while we completed the rest of […]

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Rainbows and Subarus

Spent a lovely day with my parents.  They joined Lyra and I at the dog park, followed by lunch and a trip to the Subaru dealership just to look at their crossover line (where we met a salesman who used to live in Wimberly and Marble Falls, of all places), and finally refreshing my rainbow […]

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Tiny catch up steps

I’m getting sort of caught up on some things at work, which is always a nice feeling. Cat Brain’s feeling pretty good about finding things on the list to cross off.  At the very least, Cat Brain grudgingly accepts that perhaps I’m not entirely the bum it’s assuming my lack of list-completion has led it […]

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Planes, trains, and automobiles

So there was the crazy speculation from yesterday that turned into more rational possibilities, though still with pins and needles waiting.  Planes.  Also, Squirrel Brain just spinning out trying to imagine every possible future and make the one it wants most happen. Then my parents got to town for a visit. The timing’s a teeny […]

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