That went well

The Planets 2015 is done.  Went well, I think, though I am currently wracked with the worst imposter syndrome feelings.  Was it really crap, but no one’s willing to say it?  I hope not.  I know I had a couple of misfires during the show, but they just end up being sort of visual blips […]

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No roaming for me

No time to tool around today hunting Indian street food (no idea why that’s my favorite thing to do when traveling, but it seems to have become such), as more edits were needed, but tonight was the first show (of a mere two). I think it went well.  As always, I’ve got a bit of […]

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Planets Tech

The day was all about teching The Planets, then rehearsing it. So in awe of the general coolness of Bing Concert Hall at Stanford.  Gorgeous and sounds amazing, plus a really top-notch crew of cool people.  Prepping a technically complex thinglike this triggers all the animal brains in weird ways. Cat Brain loves to tell […]

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Booking travel

Have to buy plane tickets and rent a car for the Planets trip to Palo Alto.  Getting close, and I have work to do to get my cue points fully ready and rehearsed.  Bummed R can’t come along, but couldn’t be more excited about the reason why he can’t come.  NEW JOB!  I finally get […]

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Feline maintenance

Finished the biggest part of the Big Project.  Looking back (hi, Cat Brain!), I miss, in some ways, the way I created a self-contained thing the first time we did The Planets.  Director was a good tool for that, and it meant that I didn’t have to worry quite as much as I do this […]

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On the verge

Good things are coming.  In a little bit.  Got word that we’re go on the website that took too long and caused me much stress to get right, but go is go, and that’ll do. The primary work on Big Project is almost done, so we’re close there, too. And the other thing is as […]

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A thought in edgewise

Wanted to spend my Saturday cranking out the rest of the Big Project.  Got some done on it, but there were too many other things on the books to spend the whole day at it. Time management, not a strength.  Back to full work schedule on Monday, and Squirrel Brain is quivering in the corner at all […]

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