Taking more on

I love starting new projects.  Even if I do it when I have too many unfinished ones just sitting there staring at me. Sometimes starting a new thing ends up being the motivation to finish off the old things. Dog Brain doesn’t really register the fact that those other things aren’t done because it has moved on to the shiny new thing sitting right there waiting to be jumped into.  My Cat Brain should be given better time in my head to finish off the unfinished, and that’s the struggle.

Dog Brain wins.  Dog Brain always wins.  I start new things.  Sometimes I finish things, but only sometimes.

Featured image: our mulberry tree, starting new leaves, even though it’s still kind of winter.  Sure, it’s Tucson, so “real” winter was just a couple weeks long around the start of the new year, but here’s this tree, starting its spring leaves while the day is grey and wintry (ish).