That went well

The Planets 2015 is done.  Went well, I think, though I am currently wracked with the worst imposter syndrome feelings.  Was it really crap, but no one’s willing to say it?  I hope not.  I know I had a couple of misfires during the show, but they just end up being sort of visual blips where I back things up to something I shouldn’t have advanced past in the first place.

I need to figure out if QLab is actually better-suited for this sort of thing, though spending a whole lot of time on that question may be moot if this was the last time this happens.  It might not be, but it’s been almost 15 years since the last time we did this, so who really knows?

Feeling like I don’t trust people who tell me something I did was good is probably a combo of Cat Brain and Dog Brain.  Dog Brain can’t survive without trust, and Cat Brain is where the capacity for trust in a given situation is born. I trust you, the person who is telling me that was cool, but I don’t trust my own abilities to fully embrace that trust in what you tell me about this thing.  Bleh.  I want to believe I did good.  I just can’t without a nagging doubt.

Featured image:  holy crap, they gave me roses during the ovation like I was an opera singer.  Groovy!!

One thought on “That went well

  1. Sam (WL’s drummer) and I often have a similar conversation after our shows. Are all the “Great set!” and “Really liked your stuff!” comments real or just polite bluster? He seems to doubt their sincerity. I usually assume that if they didn’t like it most people would be more likely to just not say anything. So the fact that they bothered to say something at all is indication of some level of truth.

    Any way, congratulations on the big show! I’m sure it was great. I hope you had fun on the trip.

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