That’s not how we used to

So many things in my work life are based on how things used to be. The level of Cat Time so many of our procedures and processes have are, well, par for the course for a university, really, but they also have the tendency to be very stagnating.

–This doesn’t work.

–Okay, it’ll work if we do it this new way.

–We can’t.


–Because that’s not how we do that.


Sometimes, you get lucky, and you get to try to shift things.  Or what ends up being my line more often, you get to recognize that adding technology to a broken process (i.e., putting it online) won’t fix the process, it’ll just make the broken process an online broken process.

I’ve gotten a few times lately to answer the “why is this like that” question with “because someone who isn’t here anymore wanted it that way.”  And the best part, I heard in response, “Well, let’s do it differently, then.”  That’s cool.

Featured image: the view just up and to the right from my desk.  I really need to get out and take some pictures I can use.