That’s what I put first!

Playing bar trivia is an exercise in “dammit, that’s was my first instinct but I second-guessed myself”.  T and I have become quasi-regulars at it, with occasional appearances from some others, and we’re consistently … slightly above average.  It’s usually hip-hop in the audio rounds that kills us, or the things we’re proud not to have known. Being unable to come up with Nickelback in a round where we knew the answers would have elements in the names is a particular point of pride.  Because we’re those people, and who doesn’t love a cheap joke?

Trivia is a distinctly Cat Brain activity, requiring access to the corners of the brain that store generally useless stuff.  If Dog Brain can’t figure out your mental Dewey Decimal System in a pinch, though, the second-guessing will kill you.

It’s not the Sweater Song.  It was Buddy Holly, duh.  Why did you erase that?  You SANG THE WORDS “BUDDY HOLLY” while you wrote it down.  And then erased it.  Ah, well.  At least I recognized the lullaby version of Sweet Child of Mine, so I’ve got that going for me.