The hunt for spheres

The Gem Shows are in town. There are many, though we tend to refer them as one show, even though they’re splattered all over Tucson like sand in a vase full of rocks.  Pretty, pretty rocks.

R’s thing for the past few years has been hunting mineral spheres that look like planets and moons.  Doesn’t matter if the planet/moon is fictional, existing, or speculative, but he’s got some series of criteria that I haven’t really been able to fully grok.  I go by “ooh, neat” in my reaction to finding a display of spheres of various minerals.  He has standards that go rather beyond that, and my track record for spotting spheres he’ll want is spotty at best.

His purpose for finding them has evolved into an idea I would never have attributed to him just a handful of years ago.  He imagines them in some kind of science exploration experience for kids, where they’re learning about planets and using the mineral spheres as examples.  Very cool, and while he’s solidly Squirrel Brain in his deliberative planning and procuring process, my Dog Brain is dying to see whatever it is get off the ground.

Featured image: R’s sphere haul.