Torchless Songs

I, apparently, have a voice for torch songs.  Problem is, torch songs tend to have subjects that don’t really suit me. Not feeling terribly blue most of the time, don’t have a burning unrequited love nor do I suffer from having been jilted, wronged, or abused by anyone.  I can only barely relate to “Black Coffee,” because I don’t even drink coffee.

And torch songs tend to be ballads.  I would love to find more bouncier tunes, but I just seem to come up either empty or facing songs I don’t think I have the vocal gumption to pull off (I can dream of becoming Bette Midler or Ethel Merman, but that don’t make me Mama Rose).

I did, however, have a particularly successful time in voice class yesterday channeling my inner Gonzo with “I’m Going To Go Back There Someday,” so I seem to have the capacity to channel a blue (literally and figuratively) muppet more than a blues singer.  Go figure.

Squirrel Brain wants to find new songs.  Cat Brain wants to just keep singing the stuff I’m already familiar with.