Unintentional Silence

As a former professor of mine used to say, “SPRING SUCKS!”  And when spring is in its suckiest, the thing I do that’s pretty much just for me – writing every day – had to take a break.  Once the final pieces of all that manage to settle out and I have a predictable schedule again, I’ll pick the habit back up.

Dog brain was just keeping my head above water with all the things that had to get done at work, at home, for school, with improv, with the band, all that.  Lots of NOW, not a whole lot of time to stop and reflect.  It’s not always the best feeling.  When all I have the chance to think about is the current or next crisis, it’s hard not to think that I’m just one big crisis.  I get down on myself way too easily.

But the week off next week might just give me a little chance to recharge and reflect, so I’m hopeful there’s a new start around the corner.