Well, that’s not good

Due to misunderstandings of various things, it would appear I was supposed to be in California tomorrow instead of Wednesday.  I don’t think what I need to do there is necessarily hindered by me not being there an extra day, but I don’t really have much grasp of the protocols and relationships of the folks there who seem to care.  I went by the most definitive statement I received, which was basically “You will arrive Wednesday, Jan 28.”  So I made arrangements to do exactly that.

Apparently that was ill-advised.  Oops.

I’ve got all the cueing locked down, other than whatever tweaks I will need to make based on actually hearing the orchestra play the piece on Thursday.  There’s really little I need to do technically with the hall other than make sure the thing on my laptop plays on their projection system.  Nothing really complicated there.  Video out.  Video in.  Done.

I just hope I haven’t become the cause of actual trouble or misery for anyone.  Squirrel Brain does fret so.