Worlds that didn’t collide

I actually had to turn down an invite to something I wanted to do because there was just too much already going on.  Five completely separate social contexts made for a long but enjoyable day.  The dog park, a conversation with Mom, a hair color appointment, a baby shower for my best friend, and the (now) biweekly date night with R to see local live improv.  Five completely different social contexts, each being one I enjoyed (okay, full disclosure: baby showers really really really aren’t my thing, but the shower wasn’t for me, so being there was enjoyable because it was important to people important to me).

By the end of the day, I wasn’t emotionally exhausted, but I was definitely emotionally spent – by being emotionally fulfilled, really.  I am grateful for a rich life that way.

The relatively non-stop dance from one social situation to another kept me mostly Dog Brained for the day. Not much time for reflection, not much time to worry about what’s next.