Involuntary social response

Got home from a long day-long week, with R not home, and had no particular plans.  So I ended up deciding to just spend an evening doing relatively litte, needing the downtime after the past few weeks of gogogogo.  And then I remembered the UA basketball team had a game on, and I found myself turning the thing on the TV to watch the last few minutes.

By myself.  On purpose.

I don’t know what my friends have done to me.

Each Animal Brain has its own relationship focus. The fact that my friends’ influence had me interested in watching a basketball game was more about my connection to them than to the sport, to be sure.  I think that’s more Squirrel Brain than anything.  I didn’t want to miss something that they find important, lest I lose a piece of that connection to the ones I love.  It’s the same struggle between not being a “go to the club to watch live music” kind of person but really being bummed I keep missing thorn’s new band – because they keep playing after 10 downtown.  And I’m just too me for that, apparently (though they’ve got an earlier show coming up on a weekend, so fingers are crossed that I don’t manage to screw up the timing like the first time I tried to catch them).