Long walks and involuntary mornings

The 4am “wake up I have to pee!” only lasted a few days, but I’m still getting up an hour earlier than normal. I’m trying to build the habit of getting up early to get a good walk in with the dogs before work. If I can get Kuiper disciplined to walk well (and Lyra re-trained… she’s regressed a bit with the puppy around), I could have worse excuses for suddenly getting a decent amount of walking done every day.

Tomorrow brings the dilemma of taking Lyra to the dog park while Kuiper stays home. I don’t know if that constitutes a break for her or not.  It’s at least something she gets to consider just hers for a while longer yet, even though she generally gets into the same kinds of wrestling and running matches with her gang there.  It’s just easier for her to extract herself, I suppose.

Squirrel Brain has the optimism of seeing myself building that healthy habit.  Cat Brain’s cyncially betting against it, but I’m trying not to listen.