First full day

Today, Kuiper spent his first day in the house without humans.  R’s on the mountain, and my parents are back home.  I came home in the middle of the day to give him some relief, but he effectively spent the day in the kitchen.  He did really well, though he clearly didn’t want to be cooped […]

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Longer form and more character

We’re working on long form concepts in improv class, and tonight was a series of exercises that challenged us to claim and stick to a point of view.  I continue to feel pretty good about the work I’m doing in class, and I think I’m getting better at coming up with characters with a decent […]

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Meeting the doctor

I took Kuiper to the vet today to get him acquainted with the office and make sure he’s as fit as he seems after his plane flights last week.  He did great, and we followed up with a visit to work so the office crew could meet him.  Naturally, he piddled on the floor of […]

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Back in the swing

We dropped my parents off (and waited for their very late train with them) this morning, and they rolled out of town, concluding a lovely couple of weeks of visit. Mom and I worked on her Pocket Grandmother project, and I wanted to get much more done on it than I did while she was […]

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Laugh until it hurts

A bunch of us went to see Alton Brown at Centennial Hall.  I haven’t laughed like that in a while… since Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood were in town, perhaps.  Live funny, so fun.  Alton was utterly delightful, and I just kept wanting him to do a show with Adam and Jamie, combining their Behind […]

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Fans and family

Watched the UA basketball game today, again – on purpose and in the absence of my friends who take it far more seriously than I.  We watched as a family, in fact, with the parents.  It was peppered with wiggling puppies and such, but it reminded me of the handful of memories I have of watching Nebraska […]

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