Dog a day pics

I decided when Kuiper arrived that I had finally come up with a compelling reason to use the Instagram account I set up just so I could try Hyperlapse when that first came along.  I’m going to try posting at least one picture of at least one of our animals every day.  Seems a cliché […]

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There and back again. Again.

Dad and I made a run for puppy supplies and other things this morning.  The first thing I did on entering the pet supply store was ask about something that happens to be locked in one of those manager lockup doodads, which meant they had to keep it at the counter while we completed the rest of […]

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Enter the puppy

Kuiper joined our family today. He flew in from Oklahoma, and he’s taking over, as one would expect from a puppy. Adorable doesn’t begin to cover it, and Lyra is handling her jealous big sister thing reasonably well.  She’ll get the hang of it eventually, I think. Watching them, however, I see so much of […]

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Last day packless

Most of today’s pursuits were based on prepping for the new family member arriving tomorrow.  There’s plenty of minor worry over him fitting in with the existing rhythm and vibe in the house, but mostly, there’s just barely contained giddiness at finally getting an actual puppy. Lyra’s the best dog there is, and I can’t […]

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Bookend meetings

A pair of meetings were the only things that compelled me to be at work today, otherwise I would have taken the whole week off. They were productive (or at least useful) enough meetings, and I sandwiched some productive fun stuff in between them.  Still, it wasn’t my choice to be there at all, and […]

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Something didn’t agree with me.  I usually have an iron constitution, but something went awry late last night.  No fun, and made me achy and gunshy to eat anything all day long.  Bleh. Dog Brain is the only thing in play when you get socked in with something like that.  Your body doesn’t want to […]

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Rainbows and Subarus

Spent a lovely day with my parents.  They joined Lyra and I at the dog park, followed by lunch and a trip to the Subaru dealership just to look at their crossover line (where we met a salesman who used to live in Wimberly and Marble Falls, of all places), and finally refreshing my rainbow […]

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