Rainbows and Subarus

Spent a lovely day with my parents.  They joined Lyra and I at the dog park, followed by lunch and a trip to the Subaru dealership just to look at their crossover line (where we met a salesman who used to live in Wimberly and Marble Falls, of all places), and finally refreshing my rainbow hair.  We’re slowly moving my main reddish color to a more violetish color, in advance of a possible summer sunset/firebird color scheme.

Doing the wacky hair color thing has been a source of lots of happy for me. I think it’s part Dog and part Squirrel Brains. Cat Brain worries about the perception issue, but only a little anymore.  My professional life isn’t really at risk if my hair is blue or green or purple. Squirrel Brain really enjoys knowing that these colors are very likely to get compliments. Vain, sure, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want the wild colors just for themselves.  Dog Brain just sees pretty and likes it much.