Statistics for fun

I’ve always had a weird thing for statistics.  Not in a strong way where I’m running t-tests on random occurences in my life or anything, but since my father taught them for so long, statistics as an abstractly enjoyable subject has always just sort of been rolling around my head.  Ending up in education majors of various stripes means it’s always a requirement, though I’m usually the only one in the room even remotely interested in being there.

I’m repeating a class I took a few years ago, but the structure has changed so it’s kind of a new thing again.  But my Dog Brain loves being in the room where I’m learning new things but have the history of having learned pieces of it before come in handy.  Reading textbooks (especially something as dry as statistics textbooks) is easier when the concepts are already familiar.  I’ve never been good at the review, re-visit kind of learning, so finding ways to synthesize and retain is always a challenge when my brain wants to treat it all like it’s brand new.

Turns out time is the best factor for me.  Revisit an old subject, and Dog Brain gets to take advantage of what Cat Brain held onto.  Sneaky dog, borrowing the other animals’ time to its advantage.

Featured image: Lyra, not really hiding, but probably thinking she can’t be seen.